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Hiccup (Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, in the books) is the son of Stoick, who is Chief of the Vikings of Berk. After the final battle with the dragons. In the series, Hiccup is shown into trying to make peace between the Vikings and the dragons, after so many generations of been at eachother's throat. His father, Stoick, decided to give the Dragon Training Dome for the intention of turning it into a Dragon Training Academy with Hiccup as the teacher. At first, Hiccup didn't believe he could do it, but his father reminded him that he is only one that had proven possible that the dragons and Vikings could co-eixst together by having a bond with Tootless, the Night Fury. He has a crush on Astrid, just like she does to him. (feel free to add to this page and describe more about Hiccup)


Unlike most known Vikings. Hiccup is a small and thin young Viking. The meaning of his name is "runt", pointing out more his appearance to everyone. He is portrayed with medium length dark auburn hair and green eyes. He is not short, but he is also far from muscular and is weak compared to the other Viking teens in his class. Hiccup is usually seen in dark green pants, a green tunic that reaches to his mid-thigh, a brown belt where he also keeps a small knife, a brown vest-like fur coat, and typical Viking-style boots. At the end of the movie, Hiccup is seen with a spring-loaded prosthetic for his left leg after part of it was lost in the final battle of the film. When he is flying with Toothless, his fur coat is replaced by a riding vest that helps him to stay secured to Toothless so that he doesn't fall off. It is also revealed that when Hiccup writes and draws, he is left-handed.

Part in How to Train a DragonEdit

Main character.

Gift of the Night FuryEdit


  • Hiccup has a metal, prosthetic leg. He lost his real leg in a fiery cloud in the movie How to Train your Dragon.
  • He and Astrid love each other, but when they attempt show it, it tends to make things awkward.
  • First Viking to ride a dragon, as Astrid points out in the How to Train Your Dragon movie.
  • When Hiccup defeated the Red Death in the first Movie he was called a hero.


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