• WikiQueen1399

    Hola web-er-nauts! It's me again, of course. Tonight I am having my firnd sleeepover tonite. We will have so much fun!


    That was awesome last night! :)

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  • WikiQueen1399

    Hey peeps of the weber-verse! Here is some updates on me and the wiki:

    Wiki first:

    • My blog (yes the one your reading right now) is now gonna be just when ever I feel like writing it.
    • Check out the Character of the Month, Hiccup

    Now in my life:

    • Me and my best friend made up. But she was quickly replaced as my #2 best friend, I run a tight schedule of friends!
    • I now have a C+ in math. Not good. I'm in advanced math too!
    • Me and my new best friend ( yes the one I replaced the friend I was fighting with before) are now writing a book (and fyi: the replacement friend is now my new best friend -from now on refered to as Erika and fighting friend is Alyssa-)
    • so bored right now.

    Anyway, gots to go. cya peeps!

    Nun-ya-biddness :P

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  • WikiQueen1399

    Hey bloggers out there! Its Nun-ya-biddness :P here with another one of my segments! I am so bored today. At school I had a bad day, I got in a fight with one of my best friends. It sucked, she started to cuss me out so I got mad at her and now we aren't friends. It's her loss, I mean I am hilarious. Oh and you know what she said to me, she said:

    "Well maybe I don't like how you act!" I was like: "Are you legit serious!?" I mean seriously. Well I guess you don't want to here this so cya later my friends! L8r!

    -Nun-ya-biddness :P

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  • WikiQueen1399

    Hey Guys of the web-er-verse! This is a new segment I am doing. It is very exciting for me and I hope you will enjoy it!


    This segment might make you wet your pants with laughter. NOT REALLY!!!!!

    Alrighty then...........this segment is about the new news with the wiki before you see it on the homepage, also it will just explain how I live.


    • A new segment will be around every week or every other week on Wednsdays (I dont think I spelled that right)
    • I am very funny!
    • I am a girl
    • I am 13
    • Single
    • I have two brothers, older (15 and has autism) and a younger (2 and 1/2 almost 3)

    Well I am out now. Peace!

    Nun-ya-biddness :P

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  • Alphadude246

    the best of dragons

    October 10, 2012 by Alphadude246

    share your favorite toothless moments, and your favorite dragons on my blog and check out this video

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  • WikiQueen1399

    Which one is Ruffnut, which one is Tuffnut? Nobody knows, except for the creators and maybe even you (if your good enough to figure it out). So if you know, let everyone else know. Edit their individual pages, then comment telling which one is which! Have fun and Good Luck!!!!!!!!


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  • WikiQueen1399

    New Day, and Time

    October 2, 2012 by WikiQueen1399

    There is a new day of the week that the show is on. The new day of the week is Wednsday. And the new time is 8:00 pm.

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  • WikiQueen1399

    As the title states i have no idea what to do. Even though creating this Wikia account is fun i can wait tgo make and edit pages once the show comes on next month!

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  • Dtregle

    New wikia

    July 26, 2012 by Dtregle

    feel free to edit

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