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Astrid is a tough girl who knows how to pack a punch. She is a member of the Hairy Hooligans tribe and loves Hiccup as her boyfriend. She used to fight dragons with her favorite weapon, a battle axe, but now since Hiccup brought dragons into their villiage, Stormfly has become her own dragon and she loves her.


Astrid is tall and thin which is unusual for a viking but it provides her with an advantage of agility and speed. She has long blonde hair which is normally in her headband and in a ponytail that is braided. Astrid wears a burgandy colored skirt with spikes on it, a skull belt, and a bag on her hip. Her shirt is a brown color with metal shoulder pads that have skulls on them. Sometimes you even see her with a battle axe. She also wears somewhat of some fingerless gloves.


Astrid is tough, determined, and can be extremely dedicated. But towards Hiccup she can be loving and caring while also being her own tough self. Astrid is shown to be very loyal to her dragon, Stormfly, when she prepares to knock Heather off for even trying to ride her. She also has a sarcastic side as when she is wearing a Heather costume and the twins tackle her saying it's unconvincing, she replies "Oh yeah, I could tell."

In the movie: How to Train Your DragonEdit

Astrid is first seen at the beginning of the film during a dragon raid, helping in putting out fires with Snotlout, Fishlegs and the twins Ruffnut and Tuffnut, while Hiccup (doing an introductory narration) introduces her to the audience. After Hiccup is sent home by his father after the raid, Astrid is among the group but does not join in their mockery of Hiccup. She is later seen with the other students in Dragon Training, along with Hiccup. During their first encounter with a Gronckle as their first lesson, Astrid is shown to be the star pupil as the other students are knocked out of the lesson one by one. Later, within the Vikings' dining hall, the other students mock Hiccup's performance and Astrid doesn't hesitate to criticize him either.

Gobber hands the students a manual on dragons for the group to study and Astrid is one of the only ones to read it besides Fishlegs and Hicup. One night later, Astrid is listening to Gobber's stories about dragons with the others when she notices Hiccup suddenly leave without saying anything. Although curious, she thinks nothing of it. During the student's next lesson, this time against a Deadly Nadder in a labyrinth, Astrid again comes out on top. Angered with Hiccup getting in her way, she is quick to berate him by saying that they about to inherit their parents' war and angrily commands him to figure out what side he fights for.

At the next lesson, the students are facing a Hideous Zippleback in paired teams: Astrid with Ruffnut, Hiccup with Fishlegs and Snotlout with Tuffnut. Due to Snotlout and Tuffnut's jeers, Astrid and Ruffnut lose their buckets of water, which they needed to douse the Zippleback's spark-breathing head. While Hiccup loses the last bucket of water, Astrid is shocked to see Hiccup somehow frighten the Zippleback back into it's cage by merely motioning to it. As the lessons progress, it soon becomes apparent that Hiccup is becoming better and better, always seeming to have a way with the dragons and exerting control over them. He soon overtakes Astrid as the star pupil, which stirs her jealousy even further. After one particular lesson, Astrid vents her anger in the forest by throwing her axe into trees when she sees Hiccup sneaking around. She attempts to follow him but loses sight of him through the foliage.

On the following night, Astrid hears clash from Hiccup's stall at the blacksmith shop and found Hiccup's "Acting weird" "Weirder" and his sudden disappearing, which deepen her doubt.

Not long after, Astrid and Hiccup are the only students left in the race to see who gets the right to slay their first dragon. They're faced with a Gronckle, where she threatens Hiccup to stay out of her way. Despite Astrid's best efforts, she still ends up losing when Hiccup immobilizes the Gronckle in little to no time at all. The Viking Elder denies Astrid the right to kill a dragon and instead gives it to Hiccup.

This time, Astrid manages to follow Hiccup to the grotto he'd been visiting after training, with an axe. Astrid then begins questioning Hiccup on the real reason for his sudden improvements in dragon training as well as his riding jacket which he has never shown in public. Astrid then notices the figure of Toothless but before she can recognize Toothless, Hiccup distracts her by admitting that he is "through with the lies" as well as "making outfits" ,which causes Astrid to twist Hiccup's arm painfully "for the lies" and hit him hard with the handle of her axe "for everything else", which finally stimulates Toothless. Thinking that Astrid is a threat to Hiccup, Toothless reveals himself and is about to attack when Hiccup grabs and casts Astrid's axe and stops Toothless in mid-pounce by telling him that Astrid is a friend. After an introduction to one another, Astrid realizes this is how Hiccup had beaten her in Dragon Training and runs off with anger to tell the villagers. But in the middle of the forest, she is swooped up and placed in the pinnacle of a tree by Toothless and Hiccup, where he asks for a chance to explain. She refuses to hear any explanation, yet Hiccup manages to talk her into letting him show her instead and she climbs onto Toothless behind Hiccup. However, Toothless is not so trustworthy and deliberately scares Astrid with daring flying maneuvers until she finally apologizes. Toothless finally stops and takes her and Hiccup on an extraordinarily brililant flight above the clouds and Berk. Astrid is amazed by the flight and what she sees, realizing just how wrong she was about Toothless and Hiccup. During the flight however, when reminding Hiccup of the oncoming event on which Hiccup "Will have to kill a dragon", Toothless suddenly flies towards parts unknown and the group soon find themselves in a flock of dragons carrying kill and food towards none other than the Dragons' Nest. Astrid is shocked to discover the dragons steal and raid from the village to feed a monstrous dragon called the Red Death in order to avoid being eaten themselves. When they get back, Astrid wants to tell the village about what they saw but Hiccup manages to talk her out of it for the time being, fearing the other Vikings will kill Toothless. Impressed by Hiccup's persistance on keeping Toothless a secret and his loyalty to Toothless, she agrees and suddenly punches him on the arm "for kidnapping her" before kissing him on the cheek "for everything else."

The next day, Hiccup has to take his final exam and is expected to kill his first dragon, a Monstrous Nightmare (later named Hookfang). Astrid wishes Hiccup good luck ("But just promise me it won't go wrong.") and agrees to make sure the Vikings don't find Toothless if something does go wrong. She watches as Hiccup faces the Nightmare and tosses aside his weapon, shield and helmet, intending to show the Vikings the truth about dragons. But Stoick, furied by his son's traitorous behaviors, screams for the match to stop and strikes the handrail of thering.The noise frightens the Nightmare, driving it to attack Hiccup, which is exactly what Hiccup tells Astrid he is worried about. Astrid gets into the arena and tries to help Hiccup escape but ends up in danger as well until Stoick gets into the ring to help them. Astrid manages to clamber out but Hiccup ends up in the Nightmare's claws before he is saved by Toothless. Toothless fights off the Nightmare but won't leave Hiccup, thinking the Vikings are threats and almost kills Stoick in the process. The Vikings swarm Toothless and Astrid has to stop Hiccup from interfering so he doesn't get hurt. Later she hears that the Stoick disowns Hiccup.

Astrid attempts to comfort Hiccup for his losses after the Vikings set sail for the Nest and the deadly Red Deathwhich Vikings are barely aware of. She asks why Hiccup didn't kill Toothless that first chance, saying she wants to remember why. Hiccup responds he didn't because at that critical moment, Toothless was just as scared as Hiccup was; for him it was like looking in a mirror. Astrid's words then motivate Hiccup to try to save the tribe and do "something crazy". [2] Astrid rounds up the other students and Hiccup teaches them enough about riding and controlling the various dragons. Astrid stops Snotlout's attempt to grab a weapon when training a Monstrous Nightmare (later named Hookfang). Finally they fly off to rescue their tribe from the Red Death which has broken out of the Nest to attack. Astrid sits astride a Deadly Nadder (later named Stormfly) and dropsoff Hiccup so he can free Toothless from his chains, while she goes to help the others fight the Red Death.

Astrid and her Nadder nearly end up getting eaten, and she is knocked off her dragon. Thankfully, she is saved as Toothless catches her, and she enjoys a heartquaking flight upside-down. Hiccup drops her off as he and Toothless lead the Death into the sky where they fight it and send it plummeting to its doom in a massive, fiery explosion. When it seems that Hiccup has died in the fight, Astrid is brought to tears at seeing the sight before her. When Stoick announces that Hiccup survived, she in overjoyed at the news. When Hiccup finally wakes up back on Berk to a new village of dragon and Vikings living together (along with his prosthetic leg), Astrid punches him on the arm again for scaring her and then kisses him on the lips tenderly. Astrid her Deadly Nadder, Astrid joins Hiccup, Toothless, and the other Vikings with their dragons as they soar together into the sky.

Gift of the Night FuryEdit

Astrid and Berk are preparing to celebrate their holiday Snoggletog for the first time with their dragons, as Astrid is seen helping decorate, assisted by her Deadly Nadder, whom she has named Stormfly. After Stoick makes a speech, a strange sound causes all of Berk's dragons to fly off, including Stormfly, during which Astrid questions "Where's Hiccup?".

When Hiccup arrives, everyone swarms him with questions about their dragons' sudden departure but alas Hiccup has no answers. Despite Stoick's trying to cheer the tribe up in the Great Hall, everyone is sad and disappointed. Astrid admits to her friends she'd been looking forward to spending the holiday with Stormfly but she tries to pep up by suggesting they should come up with some new holiday traditions though Hiccup is the only one who supports her.

The next morning, Astrid tries to spread cheer with her new beverage, Yak-Nog (an obvious allusion to egg-nog) and Snotlout is the first to try it though he silently regrets it, especially since he has to swallow it instead of spitting it out in front of Astrid. Fishlegs is at first eager to try some, but awkwardly declines after Snotlout shakes his head behind Astrid's back, warning him that the concoction is not fit for human consumption. The twins refuse based on the smell alone, so she decides to go see Hiccup. {C}[3]Astrid's Yak-nog She finds him in the forge, where he is working on a new prosthetic that will allow Toothless to fly without Hiccup's assistance, as he was bothered by Tuffnut saying that Toothless can't go anywhere without Hiccup's help. Astrid thinks it's a great idea and doesn't notice Hiccup spit out her yak-nog after she leaves to "spread more holiday cheer".

A few days later, Astrid barely dodges as Hiccup, riding Meatlug flies over her. She shouts, "Hiccup! Where are you going?!"

And he replies, while holding onto the Gronckle for dear life, "I have no idea!"

Astrid confronts Fishlegs for chaining up his own dragon in a barn when Ruffnut and Tuffnut find in the hay several dragon eggs, causing them to realize Meatlug is a girl, and that everyone's dragons must have left to lay their eggs.

At this point, Astrid has another idea for a Snoggletog tradition: They wrap Meatlug's eggs with ribbons and secretly place them in several homes in the village for everyone to find once the eggs hatch. When they finish, they get excited when all of a sudden, one of the houses blows up and a baby Gronckle lands on Fishlegs, causing Astrid to realize the eggs explode when they hatch, and thus chaos ensues as the rest of the eggs begin to blow up, damaging and setting fire to several buildings.

The Gronckle hatchlings are rounded up and the villagers begin repairs when they see a cloud of dragons being led by Hiccup on Hookfang descend from the sky, bringing with them the dragons' babies. Everyone is reunited with their dragons, as is Astrid with Stormfly, and she is overjoyed to meet Stormfly's babies. Stoick then calls {C}[4]Astrid kissing Hiccup in Gift of the Night FuryAdded by Rosabetheveryone and their dragons to the Great Hall to celebrate. During the festivities, Astrid notices Hiccup and consoles him, knowing it's hard for him to see everyone else with their dragons, but says he did a wonderful thing and thanks him with a kiss and hug. Feeling sad, Hiccup asks Astrid where Toothless went, and she replies she doesn't know when she notices Toothless sneak into the Great Hall. She then teases Hiccup a bit before pushing him around so he can see Toothless who reveals he left to find and return Hiccup's viking helmet. Astrid hugs Toothless and wishes everyone a Happy Snoggletog. (i didn't write this i got it from the How to train your dragon wiki so if it seems not just about Astrid or it has links you cant get to im sorry!)

Her relationship with Hiccup. Astrid really likes Hiccup, I mean really likes him. She likes him so much she has kissed him 2 times during the movie and once in the "Gift of the Night fury". Astrid likes to tease Hiccup and sometimes flirts with him. In Riders of Berk, whenever they are in a romantic situation, Hiccup and Astrid get very awkward with each other, even if they are alone. In 'Heather Report Part 1', it was revealed that Astrid gets mad and jealous when another girl comes between her and Hiccup. In 'Thawfest', when Hiccup was starting to act like Snotlout, Astrid was starting to get mad at him and admitted that the fact that he was a 'gracious loser' was something she always liked about him. Later in that episode, when Astrid's words got to Hiccup about being a 'lousy winner' and he threw the race, Astrid rewarded Hiccup with a kiss on the lips (their first in the TV series). In 'When Lightning Strikes', Hiccup and Astrid seem to be closer, most likely from the kiss in the previous episode.


  • Though in the movie Astrid and Hiccup had a relationship they act as friends in the show, though they are still shown to have feelings for each other.
  • In the movie Astrid is taller than Hiccup but in the series Hiccup is taller than Astrid.
  • Even though Astrid is a tough,striking and a tough persona to impress she has feelings for Hiccup and Stormfly.
  • Astrid does not appear in any of the books in the original series and is an original character designed for the film. It is possible she is based on the character Camicazi from the books.
  • Astrid is often seen with her battle axe in the Movie.
  • Astrid's advice always involve weapons like the Honey and the Hatchet.
  • Astrid converts Comunication into Violence.
  • In the episode Heather Report Part II Fishlegs mentioned that Astrid eats Dragon Nip(Grass).
  • Astrid is stronger than the Twins as seen in Heather Report Part II.


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